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Breaking-up Mindfully Relationship Training

Are you in a relationship you no longer want to be in?

Are you in an addicted relationship you want to break-up from or are considering “breaking-up” with a means of relief, including substances (alcohol, opioids, benzos, meth, etc.), or activities like sex, porn, gambling; or codependent relationships?

Are you in a relationship because you don’t know how or are afraid to “break-up?”

Are you wishing to learn more about incorporating mindfulness into your life and relationships?

The Breaking-up Mindfully workshop applies mindfulness principles to the process of “breaking-up.”

Learn how to assess the relationship more objectively, whether it is serving you or providing what you need.

Gain a more objective and reliable basis for making decisions and taking action.

Have a game-plan to implement, a map indicating the necessary action steps that must be taken to “break up.”

Heighten your awareness.

Increase your “connectivity quotient.”

Ignite your creativity

Become empowered to get out of unhealthy, addicted, non-emotionally nourishing relationships, and into healthy, intimate, emotionally nourishing ones.

Breaking-up Mindfully is both didactic and interactive, and presented in a safe and supportive atmosphere that takes you through The Five Steps of Breaking-up Mindfully.

It’s what happens after your “break-up” that matters the most!

10 weeks 1 ½ hr. Sessions  


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Bio: Daniel Linder MFT; Addiction Specialist, 30+ yrs in private practice in SF Bay Area, working with individuals, couples and families; developed a new paradigm for understanding and treating addiction, and author of The Relationship Model of Addiction(TMRA™).